Which Diabetes Supplies do I carry in my work bag?

When it comes to carrying diabetes supplies in my work bag my view on what I need has changed a lot over the years. When I was first diagnosed, I carried almost everything that I could think of in doubles. Over time I got tired of that and just went with my meter, dextro energy tablets and a snack. Fast forward to a situation where my site decided to stop working during work and I didn’t have a spare one with me (Thankfully I could go home over lunch break and take care oft that). Or that fun day where I ran out of test strips and had to go to the doctors office in the village where I work and ask them if they have a meter so that I could check myself (because I didn’t get home until 8 p.m., ran out around 10 a.m and I don’t live where I work).

What did I learn from those situations: I always (!!) carry extra supplies when I go to work. I got myself a pretty bag off etsy. It has stars on it and two pockets on the inside.

Let me show you what’s inside. In the big compartment I have:

A Quick-Set (plus an old Quick-Serter), a reservoir, a tube, test strips, a syringe, candy and a snack. Usually there are some alcohol wipes in there, but I must have used them all. Just restocked them after I took the picture 🙂




In the first pocket I have a pack of my favorite dextros and in the second one are a spare battery, lancets and my insulin.





As you can see I don’t have my meter in this bag. I have a seperate, smaller bag for my meter. If I’m going out or I’m only gone for maybe 2-4 hours, I don’t take this supply bag with me, just my meter bag. That’s the reason they’re not in the same bag.

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