Minimed 670g: A look at Medtronics newest pump

Minimed 670g auto mode

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Medtronic Diabetes Community Exchange in Tolochenaz, Switzerland. Along with 14 other bloggers from the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland I had the chance to have a look at the newly released Minimed 670g Insulin pump.

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Medtronic Minimed Mio Advance

Minimed Mio Advance in box

Did you know that Medtronic came out with a with a new infusion set? It’s a successor from the Mio infusion set and called Mio Advance. Want to know more about it? Let me tell you.

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Going to Concerts

Have you ever been to a concert and worried if you could take your Diabetes Supplies with you? What if you go low during the concert? Well, I managed to get tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert last week in Zurich and thought I would blog about my experience.

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Which Diabetes Supplies do I carry in my work bag?

When it comes to carrying diabetes supplies in my work bag my view on what I need has changed a lot over the years. When I was first diagnosed, I carried almost everything that I could think of in doubles. Over time I got tired of that and just went with my meter, dextro energy […]

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Make up for days where your pump woke you up in the middle of the night

Have I ever told you how much I love makeup? My makeup collection is probably bigger then the ones from my two sisters combined. Anyway, I love makeup and I’ll usually apply some every morning before I go to work. My Alarm rings at 6.00 a.m and I like to snooze until about 6.30 a.m. […]

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Remembering site changes

If you’re on a pump you know the struggle. The manufacturer advices you to change your site after 3 days. Sure, you can leave it in longer but you’re risking your health in the progress. I personally change it every 3 days, but how do I remember that? I can’t tell you how many times […]

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