Medtronic Quick-Serter: Do you really need the new one? Yes you do

Medtronic recently came out with a new inserter to change your site. Since I’m not really a fan of the old one I thought I would give the new Quick-Serter a try and compare the two.

How does the new Quick-Serter look?

Medtronic Quick-Serter old and newThe blue one is the old Quick-Serter, the grey/green one is the new version. At first glance, you can’t see much of a difference. Being the skeptical person that I am I didn’t think it will feel any different. Boy was I wrong.

So what are the differences?

First of: sound. When you’re inserting with the old one there is this loud and kind of obnoxious sound right when the site hits your body. With the new one the sound is a lot more dull and it doesn’t sound like you’re being stabbed.

I could live with the sound thing but what really makes the difference for me are about 2mm. You read that right, 2 millimeters. Let me show you what I mean. (Please excuse the lighting in the pictures, it was really hard to get the part focused that I wanted)

Medtronic Quick-Serter old with site inside Medtronic Quick-Serter old with site inside

These are some pictures from a site in the old inserter. You’ll notice that the side hits the wall of the inserter. Problem with that: If you insert your site, there is a chance that it will stick to the side of your inserter and it won’t go in correct. Been there, done that (multiple times) and it always ended with a lot of blood and needing a new site.

Medtronic Quick-Serter new with site inside Medtronic Quick-Serter new with site inside

























Now here we have some pictures from a site in the new Quick-Serter. Can you see that little space between the site and the inserter itself? It just a couple of millimeters but they make all the difference for me. With the new design, you’re site won’t stick to the inserter and you won’t waste a perfectly fine site because it stuck to the inserter.

Where to get it?

In Switzerland the new MiniMed® Quick-Serter™ (that’s the correct description from their website ;)) retails at roughly 55 CHF. If you ask me, that are 55 CHF well spent. If you don’t have the new inserter, get it. You can order it directly from their website It’s really that much better than the old one.

3 thoughts on “Medtronic Quick-Serter: Do you really need the new one? Yes you do

  1. I completely agree! The bang sound, and bang feeling, don’t happen with the new serter. Glorious 🙂 I never had issues with the old serter sticking to the side in my 4 years of using it. Weird how that works for some of us!

  2. The pictures helped so much. I couldn’t find good photos of the new quick serter on minimed and was completely curious how it looked. Great review!!

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