Minimed 670g: A look at Medtronics newest pump

Minimed 670g auto mode

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Medtronic Diabetes Community Exchange in Tolochenaz, Switzerland. Along with 14 other bloggers from the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland I had the chance to have a look at the newly released Minimed 670g Insulin pump.

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Diabetic on Tour – Packing with diabetes

diabetic on tour titelbild

What do you need to bring with you? Where to put your supplies and how you can keep your insulin cold while traveling. Everything you need to know about packing with diabetes.

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Medtronic Minimed Mio Advance

Minimed Mio Advance in box

Did you know that Medtronic came out with a with a new infusion set? It’s a successor from the Mio infusion set and called Mio Advance. Want to know more about it? Let me tell you.

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Going to Concerts

Have you ever been to a concert and worried if you could take your Diabetes Supplies with you? What if you go low during the concert? Well, I managed to get tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert last week in Zurich and thought I would blog about my experience.

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Which Diabetes Supplies do I carry in my work bag?

When it comes to carrying diabetes supplies in my work bag my view on what I need has changed a lot over the years. When I was first diagnosed, I carried almost everything that I could think of in doubles. Over time I got tired of that and just went with my meter, dextro energy […]

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Organising your Diabetes Supplies

You can ask my mom and she will tell you that my room as a teen was a hot mess half of the time. Clothes on the floor or on my chair (I mean, what else would you use a chair for?), random stuff all over my desk or makeup on the floor. But if […]

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Remembering site changes

If you’re on a pump you know the struggle. The manufacturer advices you to change your site after 3 days. Sure, you can leave it in longer but you’re risking your health in the progress. I personally change it every 3 days, but how do I remember that? I can’t tell you how many times […]

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