Going to Concerts

Have you ever been to a concert and worried if you could take your Diabetes Supplies with you? What if you go low during the concert? Well, I managed to get tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert last week in Zurich and thought I would blog about my experience.

First of: The concert was amazing. Ed’s voice is just… no words for that. That fact that he is the only person on stage and he’s able to entertain 13000+ people speaks for itselft. No background dancers or singers, no band just him, his guitar and his looping station: Fascinating. Worth every penny you pay.


Now about my diabetes supplies. Don’t ask me why, but I kind of freaked out about it. I’ve been to concerts before but I’ve never really thought about my supplies. I used to bring my meter and my dextrose and I was good to go. But this time around I was more worried. I wanted to bring some Ice-Tea because I had some really bad lows the week prior and dextrose take longer to get into my system than Ice-Tea does. In addition to the Ice-Tea I also wanted to bring snacks for the same reason (bad lows). So I read about the venue’s policy online and Lo and behold: no drinks or snacks allowed. I texted my friend I was going with and she was like “Just bring it, you’re diabetic, you need them“.

In the end, I decided to bring my little starpouch (this post) plus an extra snack and a little pack (33cl) of Ice-Tea. I put the Ice-Tea in the side compartment of my bag and the pouch in the main compartment. As usual with concerts you have to go through security. So I did that, she looked into my bag and lifted it up to see all the stuff in there (I’m not known for carrying a small bag) and let me pass. To say I was shooked was an understatement. She saw my snacks but didn’t question them and just let me in. Nice.

Once inside we had our dinner (french fries, how healthy and good for the blood sugar…not) and made our way to our seats. I bolused for the fries (had to guess the carbs) when I had them and kept an eye on my cgm during the whole concert. I had to give myself a correction about 2 hours after the fries because I was still too high. That seemed to be the motto of my blood sugar for the whole evening. I was around 8-12 mmol/l (144-216 mg/dl) for the most part. Maybe it was the adrenaline because as soon as we were on the train back home, I was going low. Since I still had all my snacks and my Ice-Tea it wasn’t a problem though.


What did I learn from this experience:

  • Don’t stress yourself out before you tried something
  • If they would have asked, I would have explained to them why I needed to bring my own snack and the Ice-Tea
  • There is no reason why diabetics shouldn’t be able to do what everyone else does
  • Carrying extra snacks is always a good idea.
  • Ed Sheeran is amazing 🙂

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