Dear Diabetes

10 year diaversary diabetes picture

You came into my life on this day 10 years ago uninvited, inadvertent and out of the blue. But with full force.

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Myabetic James Compact Case

Myabetic James Compact Case inhalt

Did you ever notice how ugly and boring glucose meter cases are? Since it’s something you use multiple times each day you’d think they make it cute, but no. Same old black or grey and just so plain. Thankfully there are companies like Myabetic who make cute cases and even bags. Let me show you […]

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Carb counting like a pro – 4 ways to count carbs

Tool to count carbs

Carb Counting has to be one of the most challenging parts of diabetes. You can have the perfect carb to insulin ratio but if you count your carbs wrong things can go sideways pretty quickly. You’ll either end up too high or too low. I’m here to show you 4 ways to count your carbs. […]

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Sleeping with Diabetes: Tips to get a good rest

Sleep Tips: How to get a good rest with Diabetes

For some people sleeping with Diabetes is one of the scarriest things. What if you go low and don’t wake up? What if you go high and don’t notice it until the morning. For many years I never had problems with sleeping as a diabetic, maybe because I found a system that works well for […]

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Going to Concerts

Have you ever been to a concert and worried if you could take your Diabetes Supplies with you? What if you go low during the concert? Well, I managed to get tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert last week in Zurich and thought I would blog about my experience.

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Which Diabetes Supplies do I carry in my work bag?

When it comes to carrying diabetes supplies in my work bag my view on what I need has changed a lot over the years. When I was first diagnosed, I carried almost everything that I could think of in doubles. Over time I got tired of that and just went with my meter, dextro energy […]

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Organising your Diabetes Supplies

You can ask my mom and she will tell you that my room as a teen was a hot mess half of the time. Clothes on the floor or on my chair (I mean, what else would you use a chair for?), random stuff all over my desk or makeup on the floor. But if […]

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