Favorite Snack

I’m sure most of you know the struggle. You’re hungry and want a little snack but you don’t want to give yourself insulin. Say hello to low/no carb snacks. One of my favorites of those are oven baked almonds. How do I make them?

This “recipe“ is so simple I’m afraid to even call it a recipe. All you do is spread your choice of nuts (like almond or hazelnut) onto a baking sheet. Now stick it into your oven at 150° Celsius for about 30minutes. Make sure to turn them over about half way through. After the 30 minutes are up take them out and let them cool down.









When they’re cooled down put them into a Jar with a lid. Simple as that.

Now you’re maybe wondering why should I even do that? Let me tell you, they taste 10 times better. I’m a fan of almonds in general but baked like this…heaven.


I have my Jar sitting on my counter and I’ll grab some in passing. For me personally, I don’t take any insulin if I’m just grabbing a handfull. This may vary from person to person and you may have to bolus for some carbs. Just try it and see how your body reacts.


Extra tipp: If you crush them up and put them ontop of some yogurt and fruits you have an easy breakfast. Don’t forget to bolus for the yogurt and fruit though 😉

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