Low Carb Scones – My favorite breakfast

Low Carb Scones on plate

I eat the same thing for breakfast almost every day of  the week and one part of it is low carb scones. They are so good that I wanted to share the recipe with you.

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Diabetic on Tour – Airport

diabetic on tour image

Welcome back to „diabetic on tour“. Last time we talked about packing with Diabetes, today we’ll tackle the Airport. Dos and don’ts so that you actually make it to your destination.

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Carb counting like a pro – 4 ways to count carbs

Tool to count carbs

Carb Counting has to be one of the most challenging parts of diabetes. You can have the perfect carb to insulin ratio but if you count your carbs wrong things can go sideways pretty quickly. You’ll either end up too high or too low. I’m here to show you 4 ways to count your carbs. […]

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Favorite Snack

I’m sure most of you know the struggle. You’re hungry and want a little snack but you don’t want to give yourself insulin. Say hello to low/no carb snacks. One of my favorites of those are oven baked almonds. How do I make them?

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Where to inject your insulin

When you’re first diagnosed your doctors are probably gonna start you on insulin pens, at least that’s what I experienced. When I was at the hospital a nurse came in and showed me how to use the pen and had me try it myself. I was terrified. Completely and utterly terrified.

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