Diabetic on Tour – Packing with diabetes

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What do you need to bring with you? Where to put your supplies and how you can keep your insulin cold while traveling. Everything you need to know about packing with diabetes.

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Myabetic James Compact Case

Myabetic James Compact Case inhalt

Did you ever notice how ugly and boring glucose meter cases are? Since it’s something you use multiple times each day you’d think they make it cute, but no. Same old black or grey and just so plain. Thankfully there are companies like Myabetic who make cute cases and even bags. Let me show you […]

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Organising your Diabetes Supplies

You can ask my mom and she will tell you that my room as a teen was a hot mess half of the time. Clothes on the floor or on my chair (I mean, what else would you use a chair for?), random stuff all over my desk or makeup on the floor. But if […]

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